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Some ideas about using DocuShare:

What is eDisk?

The LPS HelpDesk supports Docushare. You can submit a ticket or call them between the hours of 7am - 5pm at 436-1735.

About DocuShare
With Students


DocuShare has a fairly overwhelming amount of tools and abilities. Don't worry about remembering or learning it all in a sitting. That is what this page is for! No one learned to use DocuShare in a day - you'll learn pieces and parts as you want or need to over time.


This is a place to store and manage your own documents and other electronic objects that may be of no interest to anyone else. You are in complete control of this area, and by default you are the only one who can see the files that are kept in your Personal Collection. If you want others to be able to access an object in this area you must modify the Permissions of the Document.

Note that the "My DocuShare" screen you see when you login gives you a VIEW of the Personal Collection, but it does not allow you to interact (upload/download) your files. To do this, you will actually need to be INSIDE your Personal Collection. This is easily done by clicking on the word/title "Personal Collection" from the My DocuShare screen.


DocuShare also hosts communal areas in which groups of people can share documents and collaborate on objects like discussion areas or calendars. By default you are a member of your building or department Group, and a shared area is available to you. You may be able to access items in other shared areas on a case-by-case basis.


Navigate to the document you wish to download. You can simply click the title of the document. This will prompt Firefox to download the document to your local computer.

Alternately, you may right-click (control-click) on the link and choose "Save link as…" to download the document to a specified location on your computer.


Navigate to a Collection in which you want to upload a file. In the drop down menu beginning with the word "Add..." select Document. Click the Browse button to find your document on your computer.

Click the Apply button to upload your document.


In the drop down menu beginning with the word "Add..." select Collection. You are required to give your new collection a Title (name), everything else is optional. Click the Apply button at the bottom of the screen.


The top of each page in DocuShare contains a search box. It will find anything in DocuShare that you have permission to see. For more structured searches, click the small triangle to the left of the search box, or the word Advanced to the right of it.



With a system like DocuShare available to us, there is no longer any reason to use email as a tool for sending files. Leave all your files in DocuShare and send people links to them! 

When sharing a link, be aware of the object's Permissions. Just because you have the permission to see an object does not mean everyone else does. Double check that the object can be viewed (Read) by your recipient.



To conveniently access frequently used objects from a single location, you can add
links to them into your Favorites area on your My DocuShare page.



Electronic files stored on the DocuShare site. If you upload it from your computer, it is a Document, no matter the file type.


A container for storing DocuShare objects. Also called 'folders'.


The title, description, permissions, location and dozens of other important pieces of information about every object in DocuShare.


Rules that control who can see what (READ), who can edit what (WRITE), and who can make decisions about who else may read or write a file (MANAGE).


The place where a file "lives". You can copy and paste this URL so that others can download your file or see your collection.


By selecting files (placing a checkmark to the left of the file in any list view) you can perform the actions in the Edit Selected... menu. This includes basic management tools like cut/copy/paste, rename, delete, add to Favorites, etc.



Every DocuShare object has a set of permissions called its Access Control List (ACL). This ACL defines who has what rights to view, delete, or change a DocuShare object. As the owner of the DocuShare objects that you add to your site, you control the type of access other users have to those objects. You can change this at any time.



DocuShare users do not have the ability to create new DocuShare groups. If you are in need of a new group, use a HelpDesk ticket to request one. You will be made the Manager of the group, and will have the ability to add and remove users as you see fit.

Note that DocuShare groups can be seen by and used by all other users. Because of this, group accounts will not be set up that are individual in nature – for example "Julie Smith's Tech Group" or "Chess Club". All groups will begin with the three letter building code and adhere to the naming convention that was pre-established.



Not all DocuShare users are created equal. When opening an object up to be available for a larger audience, consider searching for the following specially created Groups; All Users and Guest, and All Users Except Guest.

All Users

Anyone in LPS who can log into DocuShare. Does not include students.


Anyone on the planet with a computer and Internet access. This includes students and parents.


Just as it is your responsibility as a certificated professional or trained LPS employee to be protective of student information in face-to-face interactions and on paper, so it is electronically. Be conscious of what you are doing when you upload sensitive information to a shared area. There are no electronic safeguards in DocuShare to prevent you from making confidential files viewable to the internet. If you do not trust yourself, upload to your Personal Collection only, then ask for help.


There are really two DocuShares. "DocuShare for Staff" and "DocuShare for Students". A few important things to recognize about this arrangement are that:

  • The Staff DocuShare is BLUE.

  • The Student DocuShare is RED.

  • Students do NOT have the ability to log into the Staff DocuShare.

  • LPS Staff members have the ability to see EVERY file on Student DocuShare. This includes files other Staff members have placed in Student DocuShare

  • Everything a Student uploads to Student DocuShare is invisible to the other Students, unless the Student specifically changes the file to be visible to other Students. If you consider this to be "cheating" on the particular work, treat the situation in the same way you would treat it if the shared work had been on paper and copied to hand out to other students.

  • Find DocuShare for Students by searching keyword 'studocs'



The following PDF files will assist Teachers who want to set up a hand-out and hand-in workflow with students:

These PDF files will assist Students in this workflow: