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  Document BA03: Tuition - Procedures adougla 07/15/16 31 KB
  Document BA04: Field Trip Charges adougla 08/22/16 68 KB
  Document BA05: Playground and Outdoor Athletic Equipment adougla 07/15/16 37 KB
  Document BA06: Procedure for Controls Over POS System Liability adougla 07/15/16 100 KB
  Document BA07: Procedures for Handling Money adougla 07/15/16 202 KB
  Document BA08: Procedures for Handling Cafeteria Money adougla 07/15/16 177 KB
  Document BA09: Commuting and Mileage Reimbursement adougla 01/04/17 183 KB
  Document BA10: Purchase of Gift Certificates and Giving Personal Gifts adougla 07/15/16 65 KB
  Document BA11: Change Funds and Petty Cash adougla 07/15/16 39 KB
  Document BA12: Repair and Maintenance of Equipment adougla 07/15/16 64 KB
  Document BA13: Lincoln Transportation System (LTS) Bus Passes for Students adougla 07/15/16 25 KB
  Document BA14: Gift Reporting Procedure adougla 07/15/16 34 KB
  Document BA15: Delivery Schedule adougla 07/15/16 44 KB
  Document BA16: Rebinding Procedures adougla 07/15/16 33 KB
  Document BA18: Ordering Procedures adougla 07/15/16 984 KB
  Document BA19: Web Linking Agreement Info and Form adougla 05/27/16 50 KB
  Document BA20: Business Travel and Reimbursement adougla 01/04/17 918 KB
  Document BA21: Repair Request adougla 07/15/16 29 KB
  Document BA22: Facility Alteration Request adougla 07/15/16 30 KB
  Document BA23: Activity Fund Policies and Procedures adougla 07/15/16 52 KB
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